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Nothing compares to having a jet ski you can ride around if you enjoy being on the water. Jet skis are a practical option because they are lighter and easier to control than larger boats like G3 boats.
But that doesn’t necessarily imply that jet skis are affordable. How much is a jet ski, new jet skis could be pricey, especially when extra costs like storage and insurance are considered. It could be advisable for you to buy a secondhand jet ski rather than burning all your money on a brand-new one. How much does a second hand Jet Ski cost? Everything you need to know about purchasing secondhand jet skis is provided below.

Types of Jet Skis

Should I buy a Jet Ski? You’ll discover several models or classes of jet skis available when purchasing. The many features of these models contribute to determining the Jet Ski’s final price. There are typically three types of jet skis available.


The most expensive jet skis are luxury models. The performance of these jet skis is best in class, with unmatched maximum speeds and acceleration. However, because of how much smoother the ride is, many water sports enthusiasts find that using a luxury Jet Ski is much simpler. Because the hulls of a luxury jet ski are more substantial, the ride is stable.
When you buy a luxury jet ski, you are paying for the appearance and comfort of your vehicle. Luxury jet skis will likely be heavier and less maneuverable than other types. A high-end jet ski won’t perform well when making rapid turns, either.


The two types of jet skis—performance and luxury—are extremely similar. They have extraordinary acceleration and max speeds. But they frequently have a more streamlined appearance than expensive jet skis. Performance jet skis are now far more maneuverable when on the water as a result.
Due to maintenance expenses, performance jet skis can frequently cost a little more. Since many performance jet skis have distinctive parks, maintaining the vehicle might be difficult. In other words, buying a premium product will cost you more upfront and probably more long-term.


The most prevalent kind of Jet Ski is the recreational model. These jet skis are not only reasonably priced but they are also designed specifically with novice and amateur riders in mind. They are simpler to handle and typically have smaller engines. These jet skis may not always be the best in every category, such as performance or maneuverability, but they are usually quite good choices for most riders.

The Cost of a Used Jet Ski

In case you’re wondering, How much is a used jet ski? or How much does a Jet Ski cost? The solution is somewhat intricate. Jet skis are far more affordable than new boat pricing, ranging from $5,000 to $20,000.
The costs indicated, though, are for a brand-new jet ski. Depending on features and how frequently the previous owner used the jet skis on the water, the price of used jet skis might vary greatly. According to statistics, jet skis lose value by 22% in the first year after being bought from a new dealer and then by 8% each year.

Jet Ski Maintenance

The cost of Jet Ski maintenance is high. All year long, Jet Ski maintenance can be expensive. You will need to replace your oil and fuel every year and any parts that have rusted or worn out over the year. Annual tune-ups are required even though non-certified personal watercraft specialists cannot carry them out. Like riding in a car, jet skiing is similar. If they aren’t properly maintained, they degrade more quickly.

Jet Ski Storage

When winter finally arrives, your jet ski must be winterized. The oil and petrol must be drained, a cover must be purchased, and the ski must not float on land or in water. You can rent a storage unit if you don’t have a garage. You can buy a lift, a PWC (personal watercraft), or a storage rack for your jet skis. You’ll pay roughly $250 for this.

Average Jet Ski rental price

A few of the most well-liked jet skis for 2022 are listed here. How much is a jet ski, each model’s suggested list price and average retail cost are provided. You should spend between 20 and 40 percent less if you buy used versions of these models.


One of the most sought-after jet skis this year is the Sea-Doo SPARK 2UP. The item has a $5,400 suggested list price and a $4,650 average Jet Ski price. A 60-horsepower longitudinal in-line motor is included on this two-person Jet Ski. The vehicle meets required emissions standards and features a fuel-injected carburetor type.

Yamaha GP1800

The Yamaha GP1800 is a different Jet Ski model you might want to consider. The Sea-Doo choice is significantly less expensive than the Jet Ski. The Yamaha GP1800 has a $14,200 estimated list price and around $11,900 average retail cost. The longitudinal in-line jet ski for three passengers has four cylinders.

Kawasaki SX-R

The Kawasaki SX-R is among the most popular Jet Ski models. The suggested list price for this model is $10,000, and the typical retail cost is roughly $8,400. This Jet Ski is a single-person stand-up variant, which sets it apart. It has a V4 engine with a 957-pound maximum thrust. The Jet Ski complies with emission standards.

Purchase an Entire Jet Ski Together

If you’re considering buying a used jet ski, you should know that you might not have to buy the whole thing simultaneously. Consider locating such a location as jet ski rental clear water that is in great condition but requires a new motor.
You might buy this type and then get one of the many second hand outboard motors for the Jet Ski that are readily available. Used boat motors are widely available in many locations. It might be less expensive to buy the damaged Jet Ski and a secondhand outboard motor and then assemble them rather than buy a brand-new jet ski.
Don’t be scared to get inventive if you want to owning a jet ski this summer while keeping costs low. When purchasing a used jet ski, a little creativity could save you a lot of money.

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