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Everyone is buzzing about the hub of thrill and excitement - Drippin Wet Jet Skies!! The locals of Miami as well as visitors from all over the world are thrilled to explore the heavenly beaches of Florida on our best-in-class jet skies.
As the best jet skies rental in Miami, Florida - Drippin Wet Jet Skies is the perfect place to sprinkle some excitement in your life, accompanied by your friends and family.

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About Us

Want to see Miami and its Beaches in a special way?
Cherish once in a lifetime experience, bumping through the waves and speeding towards an incredible journey across Biscayne Bay, and all the other popular Miami beaches.

You and your family can ride wherever you like with an unlimited riding zone spread across the ocean - Get ready for a close-up view of Florida and unleash memories that will last a lifetime of cherishing this unique experience.

The founder & owner of Drippin Wet Jet Skies - Lonnie Mason decided to establish this amazing yet affordable jet ski rental business after experiencing the best time of his life on a family vacation to Florida. He moved from Nebraska to Florida with the passion to offer the very same exciting and joyous experience to all the other people - and he has been doing his best since, so that families and friends can make the best memories, just as he did.

Don’t miss out! And join us on a tour to discover why Miami is one of the world's most stunning cities - And you don't have to worry about exceeding your vacation’s budget, with our cheap jet ski rentals all over Miami.

Our Top-Of-The-Line Jet Skies

Rules & Requirements for Jet Ski Rentals:

You must have a government-issued ID during a jet ski rental 

You must be 18 or older to rent a jet ski

Anyone below 18 needs to have the presence of their parents or guardian

Max weight per jet ski 350 lbs

Rent a jet ski and get the guidance from our expert jet skiers

Every person who was born on or after January 1, 1988, must possess a Boaters Education Card or complete the Temporary Certification - Save and show proof of certificate at the time of jet ski rental



100 $ Per Hour
  • With a deposit of $100 for damages that may happen or if you do not show.


400 $ 01 All day
  • With a deposit of $100 for damages that may happen or if you do not show.


700 $ 2 Jet Skies All day
  • With a deposit of $100 for damages that may happen or if you do not show.


Weekend Special
1200 $ Sat/Sun For 2 Days
  • With a deposit of $100 for damages that may happen or if you do not show.

Our Blogs


Jason Morgan

Traveled from Dubai to explore Florida and fortunately, I discovered rent a jet ski station, named Drippin Wet Jetski. I never wondered to explore the beaches and bays of Florida so closely but I did just because of you guys. Thank you for making my trip so remarkable. Will definitely bring my friends and family soon.

Jason Morgan
Alex Wood

I always dreamt of riding a jet ski on my own, well it's never too late, and Drippin wet jet ski made my experience one of the best and most memorable. Great instructors, and amazing staff. Keep it up, guys.

Alex Wood
George Wilson

It was the first time my family and I had this experience. The staff was extremely friendly and the instructions were so clear that it didn't feel like we were riding the jet ski for the first time. Highly recommended, I will definitely visit again soon.

George Wilson
John Steve

Drippin wet made the jet skies Florida ride adventurous the most enjoyable and seamless. It was the safest ride I ever experienced and for those coming to explore Florida, I suggest you directly rent a jet ski from Dripping Wet Jet skies.

John Steve